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"Modern Folk with beautiful vocals" - RockNBold 

"60's Folk/Rock vibe that's a lot of personal history in those lyrics!" - Amit Gurbaxani 

"90's vibes, fun vocals, well crafted, solid track." -We Write About Music 

"Obvious Talent..." - Music on the Box 

"Brilliant guitar hook accompanies the song, TAKEN, giving it brilliance and light. Folk Rock with excellent vocal melodies, sing-a-long chorus and a flavor of pure American Rock." - Full Level Rock Magazine

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Further Information about Taken & Michael C Smith

Michael C Smith is an American singer/songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, and author. Rooted firmly in the musical tradition of Dylan, Guthrie, Springsteen, Mellencamp, and Petty, and leaning heavily on the literary influences of Flannery O'Connor, John Steinbeck, and The Bible. His work is often spiritual, but never proselytizing. It's always emotional, but never sentimental.  

Taken, his new record, coming May, 26th 2023, is being described by early listeners as a masterpiece. It was written and recorded around the breakup of his first marriage, the subsequent divorce, and the general 'train off the track' feeling of that experience, this record was almost something very different. However, the recording process was stopped cold by the Covid-19 pandemic. That delay paused everything in the world, except love. A new romance, new love songs, a spirit of absolute joy took over half the record, and what a better record it is for it. The end result comprises the full spectrum of love, loss, and rebirth. 

Surrounded by a group of musicians consisting of long term band members, Jordan Armstrong, and Kelly King, and local Georgia bar legend, Bobby Andre, Michael also found himself in the company of Erik Kaszynski of the Tinsley Ellis band, and American Aquarium keyboardist Rhett Huffman. Engineered and Co Produced by the, truly magical, Damon Moon of Standard Electric Recordings, this record has all of the necessary ingredients needed to cook up a truly spectacular LP.