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Michael C Smith is an American singer/songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, and author. Rooted firmly in the musical tradition of Dylan, Guthrie, Springsteen, Mellencamp, and Petty. Lyrically he leans heavily into the literary influences of Flannery O'Connor, John Steinbeck, and The Bible. His work is often spiritual, sometimes dark, hauntingly personal, and always relatable. 

His new record, coming Spring 2023, is being described by early listeners as a masterpiece. Overflowing with classic rock and pop influences yet residing firmly in the present Taken is an 11 song study of grown-up, real life relationships, some dying, some newly born, both reflective and celebratory. Taken, is at once a youthful record about new romance and a mournful surrender of a love allowed to bend under the erosive hands of neglect and denial. 

Surrounded by a group of musicians consisting of long-term band members, Jordan Armstrong, and Kelly King, and local Georgia bar legend Bobby Andre, Michael also found himself in the company of Erik Kasyinski of the Tinsley Ellis band, and American Aquarium keyboardist Rhett Huffman. Engineered and co-Produced by the, truly magical, Damon Moon of Standard Electric Recordings, this record has all of the necessary ingredients needed to cook up a certifiably spectacular LP. 

His first album, “Hands of the Wicked” is a comprehensive nine song-study of life, love, murder, sin, and redemption.  The sparse instrumentation, played on a combination of vintage and handmade instruments creates the perfect world for the dense and thematic lyrics.   There are traditional “rock” songs, but the album never loses its core feeling of southern-gothic acoustic Americana woven around tales firmly established with Appalachian roots.  It was recorded in Dahlonega GA by local legend John Grimm. 

His second record, 'Prophet on a Barstool' ranges from heavy folk foot-stompers to classic country and finishes off in epic narrative pieces accompanied by fiddle, piano, organ, and a tight Americana band.  An enchanting 10 songs which showcase both growth as a songwriter as well as a large leap forward in musicality.  Melodies soar, choruses are sung with big multi-layered harmonies, and the varied instrumentation for each song builds up to an album full of rich musical tapestries.  However, even with all of these wonderful layers that Michael C Smith brings to Prophet on the Barstool, at the core is a songwriter telling stories and weaving tales of bold lives lived within both the mundane and the everyday.

He is the living embodiment of a “songwriter’s songwriter” and a true American Poet.