1. Liberty


Liberty draws the water
bathing on her midnight roof
beautiful; her heart is beating
to the sound of the drum of truth
Well I went to see her
with my gold and my money
I said; 'I'll give you half of my kingdom
if you'll come away with me.'
She said; 'My husband Justice, he would just not oblige.
I must keep his bed so warm for him, I am the keeper
of his pride.'

and I in my temptation and my heart filled with lust
said; ' I'll be your lover on my word you can trust.
I will have your husband killed
I will have your husband hanged
and Justice will be an unused name.'

So I called my hired soldiers
and I called my strong young men
I said; 'Go, Go away and find Justice
I will wage my war on him.'
Darkness fell on the kingdom
and the sands on the shore did cry
for I chased Justice down to the water
and I watched as Justice died

and I drove away with Liberty in a long, black limousine
but they had a son who followed
he swore in his father's name
that he would have my blood
and he would restore the fame
of Liberty to the kingdom

That night as I lay sleeping
with Justice's blood still fresh
Their son came in through the window
and bled my body to death
He said; 'Mother, oh mother I'm your keeper
and I will undo this shame
I will restore your sacred beauty
and I will bear my father's name.'