Iris takes the paintings down
leaves the room without a sound
she never calls when she's around
but she's always on my mind
matchsticks in the cigarette wind
and it looks like you and all your friends
have been down to the coast and back again
i aint drinkin' this time

ragged saviours thumb their rides
with circus clowns the immigrants smile
when she's around

in the parking lot that i set free
i liberate old red and me
this town shuts down at a quarter 'til three
that's when i wake up
the georgia pines hang low and green
and grandpa catches wolverines
in the back seats with his beauty queen
sometimes they play so rough

bury me not in the high tide
i'm always broken when i'm always broken
when she's around

it's been seven days since i saw the furniture move
but only an hour since i last saw you
you were playing dress up baby
sleep tight now angel
we'll leave this hotel burnin' down
leave it burnin' down
when she's around