1. Killin' Field


Shells & blood pave the streets
Where the enemy walks upright
Hidden by the camouflage
Of bein in plain sight
For 20yrs. Or better
They've been growin' up to kill
The old Ayatollahs guards
Brace their foothold on the hill
His bones scream their battle cry
From beneath the bleedin ground
And the killin fields are ready for the harvest

On the ground where Cain cast his stone
Against his brothers brow
The stones and spears are raised up and ready now
And the children are drafted to take part
In the Devils game
Let man kill man, blood for blood
The cost is always the same
Maroun al-Ras, a Lebanese battleground
And the killing fields are ripe for the harvest

The Iranian whore and pony show
From the milk of its childrens breasts
Without regard for its citizens
Move their pawns like this were chess
Nasrallahs men bring supplies from Damascus to Beirut
The killin field is ripe with strange and bitter fruits
Through Syria a hundred million dollars every year
And the killin fields are ready for the harvest