While You Dream 

I used to sit around an apartment on Ridgewood avenue in my hometown of Gainesville, smoking, playing guitar and dreaming.

Dreaming, always dreaming.

I spent about 3 solid years there as a bachelor, rarely sleeping, just writing. I…

The Art Collector

“The Art Collector" 

by: Michael C Smith 


Mason pulled the door tight. 1624 Langston Street, Apt. 52. “Thud” the deadbolt latch echoed into place, “clank, click” fastened the padlock. 

He shackles this one for Brenda. 

Hanging Rope 

"Jesus came in the rags and the dirt ready to lay down his life
me, i have found the rags and dirt
but redemption seems far away tonight

Pour me a drink
leave the bottle and go
I'm counting my




Scribbled on a t-shirt with black fabric marker, draped over a thin, much too thin frame of a young bearded man with long blonde hair sitting at the top of the football stadium, reading a bible.

Untitled Poem



I kneel before your alter, Lord 

with all my impossible 

and not so impossible pasts 

with all that I must carry 

and all that I must leave 


I kneel before your alter, Lord 

with each face I’ve seen in each…


"Hiring Man" 


A masterpiece? Nope. Ambitious? Yes. 
This is a song I'd like to spend more time with. 
Hope you'll enjoy and please share some feedback.



"Rains Left to Fall" 

Hard times come for everyone. It's one of the few certainties in life. Most folks can shake it and keep moving forward, knowing that a better day is on the horizon. Some folks get so caught up in the desperation…


Some Untitled Poetry


One hand on her thigh 

the other on her stomach, 

soft, white, comforting 

as if opening a treasure 

which will come spilling out  

in wordless prayer 

first soft 


not so soft 


One hand on her thigh 

the other on…

"Mama, I Miss Bein' Free" 

I wrote this song in 1999. It was the first song I wrote that felt like a real accomplishment. It was a breakthrough

I was listening to a lot of Steve Earle at the time and I'd had…


West Virginia Lung 


My Grandfather had a tattoo of my Grandmother's name. He'd scratch at it when they'd fight and say "Katie! I wish I'd never got this damn tattoo!" Their relationship was never easy; he'd drink and she'd complain and they'd fight…


Blood On The Tracks

Recently I went record shopping at what is likely my favorite neighborhood record store. Often, I go without a plan; happy to peruse the vinyl, smell the air and capture a bit of my younger years flipping through album covers…