"Mama, I Miss Bein' Free" 

I wrote this song in 1999. It was the first song I wrote that felt like a real accomplishment. It was a breakthrough

I was listening to a lot of Steve Earle at the time and I'd had a family member who had just gone through a bit of a rough patch with the law. 

So I cobbled together his experience with some far heftier details; "I took her to the ground, then I took her life...", thankfully, his circumstances weren't that dire.

This song is extremely important to me, it was the beginning of my career, it's the origin. 

Funnily enough, it ALMOST made it on my "Prophet On The Barstool" album. The music was recorded; however, the lyrics changed completely, and the title changed. 

It's now a song called "Unbroken".

So, please enjoy and share "Mama..." as it is the beginning of all I do now and all I'm known for as a musician.




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