Michael C Smith was born in the back of a moving Winnebago, traveling south from a little town in eastern New Jersey.  His mother was a devoutly religious woman, and his father fished for Mackerel up and down the seaboard.  It’s been said that his mom would pray the fish out of the water, and that as a result, his father actually coined the phrase, “Holy Mackerel.”


            Michael was given his first guitar at 3 years old, and by 5 could play all of the hit songs on 80’s country radio. Shortly after beginning high school, he met a girl named Grace, and fell head over heels, writing his first song for her.  It wasn’t long after, that he realized that women really brought out the poet in him. He’s been writing love songs ever since.


            Once completing school, he traveled around the southeast with his guitar, conducting field research to write better love songs, when he stopped in a coffee shop, and read a newspaper. The country was at war, the economy was in decline, folks were suffering, people’s money was all spent, they were losing their jobs, and houses. Michael took out his guitar, and wrote a few songs about that. It was then that he realized that topical events brought out the poet in him.  And so he kept on writing.


            After a while he started booking gigs, found out that people would pay money to hear him sing his songs. He started to notice that there were different kinds of crowds in different kinds of places, some places wanted to sit and listen, and be sad, so he wrote a whole mess of sad songs, and some places wanted to get real rowdy, and loud, so he wrote some loud and rowdy songs, some places, the folks just wanted to dance, so he wrote some songs they could dance to, and other places were just packed full of pretty girls, so he kept right on writing love songs.


            Michael C Smith has 2 acclaimed full length albums, “Hands of the Wicked” and “Prophet on the Barstool,” both available through his website www.michaelcsmithmusic.com, or on iTunes, Google Play, and just about every other place folks listen to music these days.


            Whatever kind of person you are, whatever kinda clothes you like to wear, or not wear, whatever kinda car you like to drive, or not drive, whatever food you like to eat, or not eat, whatever kinda love you like to make, or not make…give Michael C Smith a listen.  Chances are, he’s got a song written just for you.